Hunter & Cush Group Therapy Sessions with Wildflower Center for Counseling

Hunter & Cush Group Therapy Sessions with Wildflower Center for Counseling

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A light-hearted take on the mental health issues facing us today. Join best buds Hunter and Cush on their quest to better themselves, their social lives and their own “unique” friendship. Led by Wildflower CFC therapist and all around good sport Jennifer Higley, this weekly special series within the Hunter & Cush podcast is one part takeaways, one part couples’ therapy and two parts ridiculous. Pull up a chair and introduce yourself.

Setting Boundaries

“Why is the world so angry?” Cush wants Hunter out of the studio when he’s producing his show. Hunter wants to nap on the couch. Today “Hon-TAH!” and “Cushalicious” get the work spouse equivalent of couple’s counseling with Jennifer Higley from Wildflower Center for CounselingHunter gives us a “short” history of his height issues, Cush gets some vindication for demanding his privacy and Jennifer… is a tremendously good sport. She helps us understand that “Anger is the least vulnerable emotion” and “If you’re listening to someone’s boundary, you’re respecting them.” She also gives us some steps for figuring out if we’re really angry or just masking a more vulnerable emotion – and for managing our anger when it’s real. Look forward to a few great quotes (“I can’t wait until I’m really small… like hobbit-sized”), Hunter’s evolving mispronunciation of the word “charcuterie” and some actionable steps you can take to better tend to your inner landscape. If you feel you need some help, call Wildflower Center for Counseling at (843) 936-2566. Their offices are located at 268 W. Coleman Boulevard, Suite A, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464.

Emotions. Stress. Love. Deadpool.

The world has been a tough place to navigate lately. And our feelings about it are complex: we want normalcy, but we don’t want the ‘Rona. We also miss the days of work-from-home, where not showering (or wearing pants) and taking midday Truly breaks was acceptable. That’s why we sit down with Jennifer Higley from Wildflower Center for Counseling in Mt. Pleasant to unpack our feelings about “the new normal” and returning to work and learn how to bring down the lava level on our “emotional volcanos.” Along the way, we play the usual song association game – this time to the band A-Ha and the movie Deadpool. Take a seat, “take on me” and let’s begin.

Dude Therapy - The Phil Collins of Radical Acceptance

Your mental health is extremely important. That’s why we love having Jennifer Higley from Wildflower Center for Counseling in for Group Therapy. If Jennifer can help us, we know she can help you with whatever you’re dealing with. In this week’s therapy sesh, we discuss moving on in the “new normal,” practicing radical acceptance, setting healthy boundaries and appreciating the music of Phil Collins, all while dissecting one of the major ways Hunter and Cush are “radically” different.

Surviving 'The Rona Fatigue'

So this may not come as now surprise, but some of the people on this podcast may not be entirely stable. We are all adjusting to whatever “the new normal” is. Cush & Hunter are why therapists are important. We welcome the wonderful Jennifer Higley of Wildflower Center for Counseling in Mount Pleasant. We all know these are challenging times and Jennifer and her team are here to help.